Liverpool Tate: Murray Guy – Moyra Davey

On Saturday I was in Liverpool, so decided to have a quick stop at the Liverpool Tate art gallery. One artist really struck me whilst I was there, ‘Moyra Davey’, part of the ‘Murray Guy’ exhibitions. This solo exhibition of hers, ‘My Necropolis’ included many photographic pieces of her, but not just photography. The main piece you are faced with on arrival to the exhibition is a series of close ups of one hundred one-penny coins, using macro photography to get a very close and detailed picture of each one. Her other photography I also loved, but to make things different, each of piece of photography she had created had been folded as they had been sent to people and showed a journey; adding pieces of adhesive tape with notes relating to personal stories, and various stamps. I liked this about her photography as it made it different to any other photography and was very unique! Her exhibition at the Tate gallery is on until 6th October 2013, so if you haven’t yet seen it, then I would say it’s worth a visit. You can find out more about the artist here.

Murray Guy Coins

Murray Guy Coins


Murray Guy Photography

Murray Guy Photography

Murray Guy Photography


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