Blab Talk #15: Tom Muller & Kyle Bean

Last night I attended one of the ‘Blab’ talks (#15), organised by Matt Booth, for talks from creative designers Tom Muller & Kyle Bean. I found both of these talks very inspiring and will definitely attend these events in the future. It was interesting to hear the insights and journey’s of both designers and relating them to my own personal experiences.

The first speaker was Tom Muller, a designer from Antwerp (Belgium) but now living in London. He talked about the very question we all get asked as a Designer, ‘What type of Graphic Design do you do?’. Being stuck between what type of design I do myself, he made me realise it was ok to not narrow yourself down to a certain type of design and be open to trying a lot of different design styles/ design types. He told us of stories of him working in various design / digital agencies and how he had to be open to trying all the different types of design; digital, web design, comic design, film posters.. the list goes on! In the end, he summarised that he designs for ‘Everyone and everything’, which I think is a great. In recent years he opened his own business ‘Hello Muller‘ and now works for himself. You can follow Tom Muller on Twitter here.

Tom Muller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tom Muller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tom Muller 24 Seven

Tom Muller

Tom Muller Volta

The second designer was Kyle Bean, specialising in making things from objects (such as paper) which represent other objects. One of the main themes throughout his work was making things from paper that represent items of technology. I found his style really interesting and outstanding how successful he had been having only graduated a few years ago. It just shows that not all design needs to include a computer, which many people forget nowadays! One of his pieces I really enjoyed was his advert for Peugeot, which had some really nice aesthetics, you can see this below (Also make sure you watch the making of the video!). He will be holding a solo exhibition ‘Materials & Messages’ in Paris between July 15th – August 31st. Fortunately I will be visiting Paris at the end of August and will be able to visit the exhibition! You can follow Kyle Bean on twitter here.

kyle bean mobile phones

kyle bean brain

kyle bean brain toothpaste

kyle bean paper heart

kyle bean selfridges

kyle bean chicken egg what came first


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