Monday Inspiration – Zune Journey

Unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to update my blog recently, so I have decided to make at least one time a week to post something that inspires me, and will continue to do this at the same time every week – every Monday; some inspiration to begin the week!

This week I came across the website ‘Zune Journey‘. Within this site you navigate through different ‘Worlds’ e.g Radio, Podcasts and each section has a different style. I think it is a clever site, because it gives another dimension to displaying information. Instead of just looking at 2D information or an image, this allows you to give depth to the information / imagery. Although this website is created in flash, the concept may be something to consider in the future.

Great site and even some great beats to wake you up on a Monday morning!

You can visit the site here.

Zune Journey

Zune Journey

Zune Journey





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