NMP – MOUf Music – Website Designs (Reviews Page)

Today I have been working on the ‘Reviews’ part of the website, which displays both gig reviews and CD/EP reviews. I decided to create the main Reviews page as two scroll down boxes as there would be many reviews from each section, I then added a ‘Sort By’ which would allow you to sort the results by: Most Recent, Top Rated, Band Name (Ascending) & Band Name (Descending). I also added a button which would allow you to look at the results as thumbnails or as a list. When hovering over the thumbnails, all with a picture would turn to a coloured thumbnail (with review name) and all those with a coloured thumbnail would turn to a photograph/ image. When clicking on a review you will be taken to a new page with this review on. This displays a large image with the text information, along with a link to the band’s page, social networking and ratings (Mouf and your own personal rating of the gig, CD or EP). Here are my designs (Logo still not finalised):

Main Review Menu Page:

Review Page:

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