NMP – Change of Plan

After having a think about my NMP project, I have decided to change my idea from taking a picture of myself each day, as I was doing the pictures on my own and was struggling to get all the images in focus, which meant the quality of the pictures wasn’t great. Instead of this I have decided to do an A-Z photography project, using a word for each letter (a feeling/ emotion) and portraying it through photographs. Attending the Rosie Hardy workshop inspired me to take more interesting pictures, therefore I think this would be a better direction for my NMP. I think I should work more on the art direction of 26 photographs, rather than taking an image of myself each day which may not look that great. Here is just one of my photographs so far, this will be used for letter A: Angelic. I also wish to incorporate my idea of creating 3D typography, which I can include when creating my A-Z.

A – Angelic


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