NMP Project – Day 8 And Project Name Ideas

Today I’ve been thinking of a project name, so that I can start creating a logo/ website etc. to promote my self documenting photography. I figured out that I will be doing the project for 13 weeks (91 days), maybe it could include this in the project name? Here are some of my name ideas, feedback on which is best would be highly appreciated!

– Hannagram
– From The Outside
– Project 13-91-ONE (13 weeks, 91 days, one me)
– All Around Me
– Beyond Me
– Just Me

And another day of me, starting to get a little fed up of this snow now…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. adamn3l says:

    Hannagram is pretty catchy? Although im no help I think something to do with the numbers would be good. Like if it was a mysterious name until you state why its called that and the person then goes, ‘Ahh I see!’. Just my thoughts haha. :)

    1. hannahpdp says:

      Yeh a few people have said go with Hannagram, maybe that’s the one to go for! Yeh, i know what you mean about the numbers aswell but dunno if it’d be a bit too much to remember or say.. x

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