NMP Project – Test Shots – Day 1

For my NMP I have decided to do documentary photography of myself using self-portraits. I have not yet decided where or when I will take the photos daily, but an idea i’d like to go with is taking a picture of myself in the same place every day, and seeing the changes around me e.g. the weather and also the changes in myself. Here are just some quick test shots I did yesterday whilst it started snowing, they aren’t perfect, but it was just a tester. I will have to do another test shot and make sure I stand in the same place each time and that the picture is shot from the same angle each time. Doing this will give me more effective results and make possibly a good motion piece. I am also debating whether to keep on the same outfit each time, so I stay the same and the background changes, or just changing clothes/ props depending on the weather.

Next thing I need to think of is a project name, then I can start documenting my self-portraits through a set up blog or website dedicated to the project.


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  1. Kaya says:

    These are wonderful self portraits. I should try some day these type of photography also. These pictures are fantastic and very inspiring. Love all of them very much.

    1. hannahpdp says:

      Thanks, that means a lot :) These ones aren’t perfect but i’m hoping they will get better as the project goes on, I’m just hoping it works the way I imagine it to work. x

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