Dissertation Plan

Today I created a plan for my dissertation; it is only a rough plan but it gives me somewhere to start from. The next thing I need is research, and lots of it!

Dissertation Title: “As technologies advance, are we giving away too much information about our personal lives?”

Introduction: 1000 words
– Review how technologies have changed.
– Review the amount of information we are giving about our personal lives e.g. written/shared information.
– How do we visually reveal information about ourselves – through photography?

Chapter 1: Old Technology – 2000 words
– Look into old photography methods e.g. the Victorian times.
– How this technology affected the photographs in this time e.g. slow shutter speeds/long exposures meant the families had to stay very still; they also dressed very formally.
– Reading: ‘Family Photography’ by Holland (1991:14)
– The pros and cons of old technology and Victorian photography.
– Argue the point of how less information was given out about personal lives from these photographs in this time period – visually they all look very similar.
– Research into social aspects.

Chapter 2: New Technology – 2000 words
– Contextually – How has this changed?
– How things have changed in this digital age.
– Development in technology: digital cameras, mobile cameras; allow people to take and share photographs instantly, and are now a lot more informal because of this.
– The introduction of social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.
– How do we present ourselves visually? Look at how different people present themselves across social networking sites. Use examples?
– Presenting yourself as someone totally different to the person you actually are.
– How the way we choose to present ourselves can affect us in life e.g. employers now look to social networking sites to find out more about a person.
– Profile may be set to private, but other users can still upload photographs of you without you knowing e.g. clubs, events etc. The use of photo tagging.
– Social networking and presenting yourself in a certain way could cause ‘stalking’? – use ‘Catfish’ movie as an example.
– The pros and cons of new technologies compared to old technologies/Victorian photography.

Chapter 3: iPhones and Blogging – 2000 words
– iPhone is visually pleasing, therefore everybody wants one – visually desirable.
– The freedom to take photographs/share locations etc. on the go, from anywhere in the world.
– Applications that allow you to experiment with your photographs and then share them.
– Blogging, such as tumblr; many people choose to present themselves visually through this method of blogging, along with other information which may be quite personal.
– Are we dependent on this new technology?

Conclusion: 1000 words
– Draw a conclusion to all points made.
– Compare to situation of NOT having this digital age and new technology – what information would be shared then and with whom?
– Are we giving too much information about our personal lives with new technologies?
– Personal opinion.
– Have we gone too far?

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