Gorgeous Couture Motion Ideas

For my motion piece, I was thinking of focusing on the ‘made to measure’ aspect of the site, the fact that you can make your dress perfect in every way and ‘fall in love with gorgeous couture’. After seeing this video by the Curiosity Group, I would like to create a motion piece using paper, and possibly shadows. This also reminded me of the Beringer Vineyard motion piece by Su Blackwell. I like the idea of the paper being threads, being brought together to form the perfect dress; and maybe the threads being held by paper birds, as I like the look of vintage bird cages and think it could fit with the look of the video; I currently have a vintage bird cage on my bedroom shelf which projects some pretty nice shadows (as shown below). I would possibly use a song by some of my favourite artists such as Regina Spektor or Grizzly Bear to fit in with this video, as they are quite alternative.

Hannah Furnell


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