Magma Product Ideas

On the theme of Hangovers, I thought up these product ideas. I am still unsure which ideas to go with, so any feedback would be appreciated (Sorry the drawings aren’t too clear, had to take the pictures on my Ipod as I didn’t have access to a scanner)

magma product ideas

Idea 1: Calendar – 365 Days Of Hangover Survival – a calendar which displays tips/ myths/ advice on how to survive a hangover for each day of the year. Calendar 1 would be tags (displaying date and tip) on a wire, when the day is over then the tag is removed to reveal the next day and tip. Calender 2 would be in the shape of a bed (made from cardboard and could be flat-packed for user to build), and calendar 3 would be on a board with hanging cards; cards are turned from the left side and put onto the right side each day.

magma product ideas

Idea 2: ‘Hangover Self-Help Cards’ and ‘The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Hangover’ cards – humorous novelty cards which include situations you may be found in with a hangover and how to solve them, tips, fun facts and advice on how to cure hangovers.

magma product ideas

Idea 3: Aspirin Package – It is said that 2 aspirins and a glass of water before bed and the morning after drinking can get rid of a hangover. So this product would keep those hangover headaches at bay. The packaging shows that you need to take 2 before bed and 2 the morning after.

magma product ideas

Idea 4: Ipod Application: ‘The Walk Of Shame’ – a game based on the morning after a drinking session – keep to the path and avoid people/objects – try to walk in a straight line – to steer the hungover suspect, you must tip the ipod from side to side (tip right to go right, tip left to go left) – the game gets harder as it goes on and more points are gained.

magma product ideas

Idea 5: Mugs – with warning messages of a hangover to warn family and housemates. Also great for the workplace.

magma product ideas

Idea 6: Sick Bag – Fold-up sick bag incase of a public incident when hungover – must be kept in bag at all times.
Idea 7: Sleeping Mask – When housemates walk in, warns them of your hangover and possible grouchy mood.
Idea 8: Mints – to cover hangover breathe, a breathe of fresh air – great for the workplace etc.
Idea 9: Necklace – nice typographic necklace with warning of being hungover
Idea 10: Water Bottle – tap shaped water bottle with label ‘your hangover cure’ – encourages people to drink water when hungover and hydrate them
Idea 11: Stain Remover – stayed at a mates after a night out and not got a change of clothes? – bring a small tube of drink stain remover to make you less noticeable on your walk of shame!
Idea 12: Door Signs – warn housemates of a hangover – 2 sides to the door sign ‘Do Not Disturb – I’m Hungover’ and ‘It’s Safe- I’m Sober’


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