Elastic Band Packaging

On the way to Egypt, I decided to purchase the magazine ‘ArtBox’ (issue 016), which included a mixture of product design and other art projects; which I bought to inspire me for the new brief. Although not really a product design, but more of a packaging design, I loved this piece by Ric Bixter, a Graphic Design student of The University of Central Lancashire, Preston. The aim of this brief was to ‘Go into a pound shop and pick a seemingly uninteresting object and rebrand it, increasing the value and interest’, in which he has achieved greatly with this piece of design. The stronger and thicker the band, the more it effects the packaging. I like the typography and simplicity used which complete the design; a very clever and aesthetically pleasing design.

Ric Bixter - Elastic Band Packaging
Ric Bixter - Elastic Band Packaging


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