Homelink – Initial Design 1

Here is my first initial design for the Homelink brief set for the Roses Student Creativity Awards 2011. In this design I came up with the strap line ‘Exchange. Explore. Enjoy’ which I think fits really well with Homelink as it suggests adventure and exploring new things. The images within the typography also suggest exploring the new and make the viewer want to find out more on the subject since not much is given away. The logo is displayed and also the website of Homelink to allow the viewer to do this. Although I like this design, I believe it looks too much like any other travel advert and wouldn’t really stand out amongst other travel ads.

Hannah Furnell

NOTE: I did not take any of the photographs used, all images are copyrighted to members ‘Timobalk’, ‘DZM’, ‘Loafer’, ‘Hisks’, ‘MarkHan’, ‘Cimmarron’, ‘Nossirom’, ‘Blary54’, ‘Willem’, ‘Emilioqp’, ‘Somadinn’, ‘Fenias’, ‘Jimroda’ and ‘Hermanopan’ on http://www.sxc.hu/


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