Web Design – Band Website Re-design (Alexisonfire)

After researching into good and bad websites and learning the basics of web design, we were given the task to re-design a band website. I chose to re-design the website of ‘Alexisonfire’, as I didn’t think it fit with the image of the band. Below is the original design of the website and my own design of the website (which was to include 5 pages or more).

Original site design (http://www.theonlybandever.com/):

Alexisonfire - Original Website

Re-designed site (note: these are only the photoshop versions of the designs; not the final designs when coded, therefore there would be more content in the final versions and footer details e.g. social networking)

Home Page:
Alexisonfire - Re-designed Website

Tour Date Page:
Alexisonfire - Re-designed Website

Media Page:
Alexisonfire - Re-designed Website

About Page:
Hannah Furnell

Store Page (would have another menu built in which would take you to the different sections of the store):
Alexisonfire - Re-designed Website

Links Page:
Alexisonfire - Re-designed Website


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