Web Design: Re-Designing A Bad Website

After learning last week about what is good and bad when designing a site, we were told to select one of our chosen bad websites and redesign it.  At this point we were just asked to re-design the home page of the site using Photoshop. No coding is involved yet since we have only just started looking into web design and haven’t learnt the coding side yet. I chose the ‘Shop In Paradise’ website (http://www.siphawaii.com) to re-design; an online shop selling organic products from hawaii; one of their main selling products being coffee beans. Their current website contains no easy navigation and is so cluttered you don’t even know where to start! With it looking like this, people may not trust the site to buy any product from, as it doesn’t look genuine or professional. When redesigning the home page, I chose to go with a very simple layout; no products are shown on the home screen, but just photography of the products and navigation buttons linked to the product pages. This site design is more visually pleasing and would be easier to use. Here are images of both the original and re-designed homepage:

Shop In Paradise Original

Re-designed by me:

Hannah Furnell


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