Creative Alphabets – Hand Drawn

Here are some pieces I found when I looked into the illustrative style of putting across the alphabet. Not all pieces are complete alphabets, but are just illustrative styles I found interesting:

Si Scott

Si Scott

Si ScottSi Scott
The above pieces are by one of my favourite illustrators, Si Scott. I love his work because of how much fine detail he puts into his typography and images, which are all hand drawn. I like how his typography flows with the curls, swirls and patterns he creates using fine-liner and pencil.
Stuart Whitton - Clothing and Accessories (Actually Handdrawn)
This piece by Stuart Whitton uses clothing and accessories to create an alphabet. On first glance each piece of clothing looks as if it is photographed, but all are hand drawn to a very fine detail.

Hand Drawn Laptop By Unknown
This illustration is by an unknown artist, but i like the style it has been drawn in, very sketchy and doodle-like.

Richard Peacock, 2009 - In Between
Very bold and simple, but effective, In Between By Richard Peacock, 2009
Mystical woodland inspired alphabet - in pencil by Eika Dopludo
This is a mystical woodland inspired alphabet created in pencil by Eika Dopludo, also very fine detailed for such small typeface.
AB1 By Unknown
This typeface I found whilst looking at different fonts; the artist is unknown but it reminds me slightly of the illustrative style of Si Scott.

Jessica Hische
Jessica Hische creates this typeface using a very organic, natural and flowing style.

Jeannie and Jewell Alphabet
The Jeannie and Jewell Alphabet is inspired by exotic animals and has almost a vintage look to its style.

Swifty, 2009 - a-z
Very much in the pop art style, Swifty creates an alphabet with very bold lines and colours.

Hennie Haworth, 2009 - Alphabet

I love the detail to this illustration by Hennie Haworth. I like how the alphabet is silhouetted over the top of the very detailed background, and also like the colours that have been used together.Helen Lang, 2009 - Animalphabet
Another animal inspired alphabet, Animalphabet by Helen Lang, 2009.

Hand Drawn By Unknown
This is also an unknown artist, but i like the sketchy and detailed style to the typeface.

B Is For Bling By Unknown
This piece I really like; although very simple, I think it works well with the small illustrations and different typefaces used accross the page. I could see this working well as a whole sketchbook of the alphabet; a letter and saying for each double page. This unknown artist has used the letter B and gone with the saying ‘B is for Bling’.

Alphabet Badges By Unknown

I like the vintage look to this typeface style and the way the colours have been used. I also like the detail that has been put into the font; it reminds me slightly of a vintage fair. The artist is unknown.

Alphabet An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering & Experimental Typography
This is a poster created for ‘Alphabet – An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering & Experimental Typography’. I like how so many different font styles have been put accross in one piece.

Here is a t-shirt design I found whilst searching hand drawn alphabets, I like how this also combines different typefaces.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. john artysiewicz says:

    I really like this website. I do letters too. So how does this website work? Do you sell different artists artwork? I am trying to make a company/website for my art so I am interested in contacting you. Thanks

    1. hannahpdp says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. No, I do not sell people’s work, this blog is just to post design that has inspired me and may inspire other designers.
      If I find something interesting then I post it on my blog, along with some of my own design work :)



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