Orange Rockcorps – Final Gig

Tonight was the gig all Orange Rockcorp voluteers had been working towards, giving 4 hours volunteer work in order to recieve a gig ticket to see Snoop Dogg, Vampire Weekend, Tinie Tempah and Mr. Hudson in return. I enjoyed the gig although not all bands were to my taste of music, but me and the two other photographers were allowed one song in the photography pit to take photographs of the acts. I got one song to take photos of Vampire Weekend. I enjoyed this experience but didn’t think it was enough time to figure out settings to get a decent photo, so I was dissapointed with my outcome. But overall I enjoyed the night, later attending the Rockcorps afterparty at ‘The Lounge’ in Manchester, and also the after-after party! Meeting Alex Zane along the way! That was the end of Orange Rockcorps for this year, but maybe i’ll get the opportunity to do some photography for them next year!

Hannah FurnellHannah FurnellHannah FurnellHannah FurnellHannah FurnellHannah Furnell

If you fancy voluteering next year (or in the remaining London projects this year) then keep yourself updated!


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